By reading them you will know me!


My new book came out! It’s entitled “Non Mollare, cambia!” and is published by Do It Human, the publishing company i share the main values with and that has allowed me to comunicate from the heart!

It’s more than a story: it’s a guide with pratical exercises and concrete advice essential for don’t turn your change in a failure !


Anno 2017 ed. Carena Editores Acidalia – ISBN: 9788416843701

versione spagnola

Cómpralo en la Casa del Libro

C.V. Metodo per Cambiare Vita in modo intelligente

2016, Edizioni Alkemia Books
ISBN 978-88-98191-37-6 (paperback)
978-88-98191-38-3 (ebook)

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I decided writing C.V. because during the time I was studying the strategy for my downshifting, I was always looking for books or articles that could show me pros and cons in my changing intention, but I didn’t use to find reliable texts on which I can identify with.

Little by little, I started feeling the need to explain what happened to me, how I have overcome the two failed attempts of change: I wanted to tell what I have learned and how, thanks to my mistakes, I get to achieve my goal.

I wanted to do it through a brief manual, amenable, true and sincere, that I would love to find on a kiosk at the airport while I was traveling and trying to fulfil my dream.


I was convinced that writing a book was easy.
I love to talk, and I thought that simply writing my long speeches (sometimes monologues) and my opinions, I would have infinite literary material.

I was wrong.
Writing a book is very complicated.
Turn ideas into words, retelling events, dialogues, personal stories and – most of all – feelings and emotions, takes a lot of work, a lot of willingness to learn from those that really know writing. That is possible by reading many books, but it’s also necessary learn from the professionals. I did my best and I am still studying to improve my literary abilities.

In my book C.V. pragmatism prevails, the earnest on planning a changing strategy tailor-made for everyone, without wasting money and time.

Stands out my most “severe” side, almost grumpy (just as Genoese often are).
While I was writing it, I “sacrificed” the most narrative part, the most sentimental and emotional, to focus on the “practical instructions”.