Fuerteventura don’t have middle ground: love her, and can’t stay away from her, or hate her, and don’t want to come here anymore.

Fuerteventura seduced me effortlessly: it happened in just 6 days between November and December, even windy and cloudy, where I fell definitely in love.

I’m not talking about a crush on her: I fell in love wisely, with an overpowering feeling.

I was enamoured by her indifference, self-confidence, since she’s not a kiss-ass, she’s not a teaser for the tourism industry.

I love her for her talent to surprise me with several beautiful views, for her tenderness when she decides to offer me clear and bright days.


Since the very first day I’ve figured out that to love her I have to accept her as she is, even if she wakes up in a bad mood and blows her wind on my face (thus, preventing me to opening my car door), or her big waves, or her currents  (making a challenge with me while swimming), or her sand, squeezing everywhere (sometimes I fail to rinse it even under the shower).

The paradox is that her “primadonna” extravagance makes her even more attractive.



Many people told me:

“Fuerteventura don’t have middle ground: love her, and stay away from her, or hate her, and don’t want to come here anymore.”

I totally agree: those who expect never-ending bathhouses, open bar 24×7 with massaging lawn chairs, drinking and dancing all night long, will not be found of Fuerteventura.

People who hate sand and wind and only love shopping in never-ending malls, people who don’t want leave the hotel, doesn’t love this island, and probably will not come back here.

On the contrary, nature – lovers, sporty people and who is able to appreciate awesome landscapes where beauty is moving, or curios people willing to try tasty food based on goat cheese, meat and fish, will fall in love with Fuerteventura, and will return here many times.


As several lovers I’m jealous,

I get angry if I hear people disparaging my lover, or disrespecting her, polluting or dirtying her.

I can’t stand when some people get to bully my island throwing the stub into the sea.

I suffer thinking of how many people every day do reckless things like this, the consequences of which will survive for a lot of years.

I trust in the strength of the nature, in her patience, in her wisdom: I now that she will be able to defeat, to overcome and to forgive the human barbarism.

Anyway the planet earth has already overcome bombardments of meteorites, solar storms, glaciations, volcanic eruptions, tsunami, tectonic plates in movement; she has assisted to the extinction of numerous animal kinds, some also apparently stronger and powerful than the human beings.

Let’s give her time, she knows how and thing to do for her own good.


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