Landscapes and feelings who are the best gift that can be received, and nature gives me it every day, not only in Christmas time.

In Fuerteventura every day the sky offers a different masterpiece, a never ending show.

No words can describe the endless tones composing Fuerteventura’ sky.

Certain mornings I wake up early, and simply walking on the beach can assist to sunrises so exciting to seem a dream.

While it is rising, the sun is able to paint with colours that the man cannot reproduce: the sky is dyed of infinite tones of rose, blue, and yellow, red, turquoise.

And the same happens in every sunset.

I look to the horizon, and my view is clear and open, free from buildings, factories and roads, and it opens in front of my eyes a masterpiece of perfect chromatic games, in sublime harmony between them.

Clouds seems brushstrokes of a skilled painter, and create sinuous forms in the sky.

Every morning and evening I feel gratitude for this beautiful landscapes: these feelings are the true ones and more precious gifts that can be received, and nature gives me them every day, not only in Christmas time.

A camera is not able to reproduce this beauty: I smile when I see other human beings assisting to the most beautiful sunset and sunrises of the world, trying to photograph this perfect landscapes, to immortalise them in their mobile phones.

I would like to tell them to do not obsess looking for a perfect pic: they only have to open their eyes and enjoy the marvellous show, recording this images in their own brain, feeling free to enjoy the authentic and powerful emotions that only Nature can offer.