If you don’t understand and solve the real reasons of your discomfort, they will chase you everywhere.

There is no need to catch a plane to learn to marvel once again, to see the world through the eyes of a child.

What you now think is a hard and cold winter, that gets into your bones and that you get to hold only because it takes you to the spring and the summer, can give you again the same emotions, beautiful and new, that you felt as a child, when you saw snow for the first time.

After all, many winters are able to amaze because of their beautiful and charming landscapes, and know how to gift with much more intense emotions and memories than many springs.

Wouldn’t you like to be surprised again and being able to feel new emotions every single day? That would be great, wouldn’t it?

Why couldn’t that happen to you?

The good news is that your brain remained the same of that happy days, and you can train it to live all the emotions you desire, and to avoid those that make damages.


If you don’t understand and solve the real reasons of your discomfort, they will chase you everywhere.


Maybe when reading my books, you would come to visit or maybe to move yourself to Fuerteventura: let me tell you that this island doesn’t fits for everyone.

Its wind, its sand, its location in the middle of the ocean is not going to make it easy for you.


In my books I explain how I have prepared the best strategy for me.


You know… it doesn’t matter where you are but how do you feel: moving somewhere else is a very serious thing to do, that would not work for many people.

I explain as well that for a couple to move together can be a challenge.

Despite that it might seem fascinating to “start from scratch” on a new, unfamiliar place, without a real and careful planning this could be a change, but for WORST.

To think “to know everything” and launch into projects or maybe invest all your money without having a good strategy, can lead you to very negative consequences, which you will have to face for many years to come.


If you want talk with me about your change, email me at lauracarbonecv@gmail.com !


Thank you and see you soon!